There's No Place Like My Own Home - Chapter Book

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It is when given a writing assignment by Ms. Thompson — to write a letter to a student attending a school in Alabama that has been destroyed by a tornado — that Alyssa discovers a way to relieve herself of her secret. Penning her life on handmade stationery then sealing it in a yellow envelope, she places it deep within her bookbag. The next day, feeling unburdened and carefree, she reaches into her bag to turn in her assignment and discovers IT IS NOT THERE! What will Alyssa do? She doesn't want anyone, not even her new best friend, Onika, to get a hold of that letter and discover her secret. By the time someone finds the envelope, Alyssa fears it may be too late. By now, she is sure everyone, to include the school's bully, Marcus knows all her business. What she doesn't know is, what will happen next?