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The Shy Monster is a story about a little girl who struggles to overcome her shyness. Her shyness is depicted as a mean monster who bullies her, making her scared to speak up and go after her dreams. Will she be able to develop more self-confidence and bravery? Will she be able to defeat the "shy monster" by facing her fears and using her voice?

This book models coping skills to help shy children overcome their fears. It also contains post-reading discussion questions and tips for teachers and parents of shy children. The story is engaging, the illustrations are vibrant, and the resources included will make a powerful positive impact on your child's social-emotional development.



"The Shy Monster is an excellent book that any child, adolescent, and more honestly any adult can truly relate to -- actor/author, Shamirrah Hill, identifies one of the most recognizable growing pains yet offers solutions, instills self-confidence, and emphasizes resilience captured in this captivating read."

-Dr. Telpriore G. Tucker, STEM Chemist


"The Shy Monster depicts the true thoughts and emotions of a child that struggles with lack of confidence, while offering solutions to overcome this challenge. This story is captivating and relatable for it's intended audience."

-Tanisia Avent, Child Behavior Specialist

"The Shy Monster is a great book for children who are having issues with stepping out and letting their voices be heard. This book is beautifully illustrated. Hill has a way of making us all hear our inner child's voice through the lead character. This book is a great read and will have your child speak great things over themselves, all while going after their dreams, no matter what age they are. I hope there is a sequel."

-Youmie Jean Francois, Actor


About the Author

Shamirrah Hill, M.A. is a creativity specialist and performing arts program developer with over 15 years of experience. She has a Bachelor's degree in Theatre from Howard University and a Master’s degree in Educational Theatre from New York University. As a certified K-12 theatre teacher, she loves teaching acting classes that help children and teens get out of their comfort zones, overcome their shyness, and feel confident. She wrote The Shy Monster to empower children to overcome their fears, defeat their shyness, and become who they are meant to be in the world. Shamirrah is the co-founder of DG Self-Publishing, a company that specializes in children's book illustrations and self-publishing support. She also founded the Youth Writer's Academy to help children, age 9 and up, become published authors. Shamirrah has performed throughout the country as an actress, dancer, mime, and spoken word artist. She has trained several actors, dancers, mimes, steppers and poets of various ages. Additionally, she is a director and playwright with work that has been produced and performed in Washington, DC, and New York City. To learn more about Shamirrah Hill, visit

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