The Historical Adventures of Miles and Nina: Black Power Movement (VOL 3) - Chapter Book

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Miles and Nina took a three-year hiatus from their time travel adventures. During that time, Nina and Miles both have become more involved in their community and have also become business partners. They really gravitated to the words of wisdom given to them by their great-grandmother Lillie Mae Daniels. Just when things were going well, life as they knew it turned upside down, overnight. Now Nina and Miles are stuck in the house with their parents while COVID-19 is spreading throughout the world. Fortunately, there is a new houseguest in the Sutton’s home. Jamal Daniels, Sherry’s handsome nephew, has moved in with the family to finish out his junior year at the University of Illinois at Chicago because all of his college courses are now remote. Now that the three cousins are under one roof, what will Nina, Miles, and Jamal do to survive this quarantine?