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Phil the Pill and Friends Making Positive Choices is a wonderful children's book with cartoon characters encouraging young children to make positive choices. It is sure to make you smile, or even sing, as five children's songs are included to brighten up your day! The Author, M. Ann Machen Pritchard is one of the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading!

From the Author

I wrote the children's book, Phil the Pill and Friends Making  Positive Choices to help encourage young children to learn how to read, stay in school to get a good education, learn positive communication skills and make positive choices in life. I saw that there was a need to encourage kids and motivate them about the importance of their education, to communicate in a positive manner and to make positive choices in life, therefore I was inspired to write a children's books that is fun to read so they would be motivated to learn. Also, to open up to talk things out and not keep them bottled up inside because when you bottle things up inside you tend to carry those all through your life. When we learn to make positive choices at a young age we will be able to handle the more difficult challenges later in life.

About the Author

M. Ann (Machen) Pritchard is the Author/Illustrator/Songwriter of the children's books, Phil the Pill and Friends Making Positive Choices and Val's World Featuring The Family Unity Roundtable. The books were written to help encourage children to stay in school to get their education, learn how to read and make positive choices. They also teach children positive communication skills and help bring families closer together. Her passion and mission is to encourage everyone that it is not the end of the world when things don't always go our way. She strongly believes that if we get a good education and learn to make positive choices at an early age, we can get through more difficult challenges now and later in life. Ann has appeared on several Radio and TV Shows including, Fox 9 Morning News, The Art Cunningham Show, Lovepower, Crossroads, Let's Learn to Get Along, Motivation with Ron Henderson, the Fitness King,WBEJ 1240 FM, KNOF 95.3 FM, KMTL760AM, the 3 minute egg dot com and the ChildrenAuthorShow dot com. Also, in newspapers including, The Maywood Herald, Elizabethton Star, Johnson City Press, Spokesman-Recorder and The African News Journal. She is available to speak at schools, libraries, on Radio and TV shows or any events involving the community for positive interventions. The books were nominated in the MN Book Awards and Hollywood Book Awards. Ann is proud and honored to be a winner in "50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading", 2013-14 Edition. Her books have been received positively by many, including Hillary Rodham Clinton, Laura Bush and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. Ann's books are available online wherever books are sold or visit her web site at may contact her at or To see Ann in the Minneapolis the Movie test Movie Trailer visit her on Facebook or visit or Phil the Pill™ is a Trademark of MAMP Creations.

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