Penelope the Pirate Princess: The Search for the Magical Moon Pearl - Paperback

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Looking for a Diverse educational book loaded with Adventure? WELCOME TO THE ARRRGH MIGHTY KINGDOM home of Penelope the Pirate Princess! It's a magical land dreamed up by child author Selah Thompson created for kids by a kid! Join Penelope and her diverse crew of comrades as they race to recover the Magical Moon Pearl while protecting the Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom and its treasures from the dastardly Madam Boujetto! This story takes kids on a wild adventure full of imagination, learning, and fun! Along the way your Young Reader will learn about: * Stars * Constallations * Planets * Celestial Events * Celestial Objects all while on an emotional journey, solving problems, overcoming obstacles and growing together as friends. The story unfolds in an authentic, fresh, swagalicious tone that propels kids into a world of wonder and knowledge. Penelope knows that knowledge is the key to the kingdom -- and learning is for everyone. Join her and her crew on one wild, adventurous and educational trip through the Arrrgh Mighty Kingdom!