If Rapunzel Were Rachelle - Paperback

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If Rapunzel Were Rachelle is a beautiful story that seeks to promote self-love, confidence, and liberation. Rachelle has beautiful, bouncy, coily, and curly hair, so her story is slightly different when the little old witch comes to visit. You will be amazed to find out what Rachelle can do with her beautiful gift of hair. Rachelle’s “twist” to solving her problem is one of a kind. The extraordinary illustrations of Rachelle’s story will keep you wanting more. This is a satisfying rendition of the fairy tale Rapunzel, that is long overdue. Readers will love the shapes and sizes of Rachelle’s hair. If Rapunzel Were Rachelle is sure to be a favorite on the bookshelf.

About the Author

Angela Davis is a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee. She is a reading specialist in an elementary school. Angela enjoys spending time with family and friends, shopping, and reading books. Her goal is to inspire young readers dream a bigger dream. For more information about Angela, visit www.angela-davisauthor.com

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