Color Me Successful: An Inspirational Career Coloring Book for Girls

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Have you ever talked about the future and what you wanted to become? Does Career Day at school present the same careers and faces? Well it’s time to show that success comes in many different colors and professions. If seeing is believing then little girls of color must see themselves reflected everywhere. This coloring book is created to increase confidence in girls using creativity and imagination. It features coloring pages and activities that encourage girls to embrace the vast opportunities that exist by looking at girls in more than 30 different careers. Girls will see themselves reflected in sports, science, education, racing, film, media, the arts and MORE. They will see girls in positions requiring, bravery, skill, expertise and confidence. This coloring book seeks to remind girls that there is nothing they can’t do, if they simply believe. A perfect gift for children ages 6-10 and for the future girl boss and successful girl in your life! Just by grabbing a few of their favorite coloring utensils, they can bring these girls to life as they explore careers! -Illustrations are large (8.5 x 11 inches)-Bonus: Activity Pages that include word searches, career matches, drawings pages and more.