Chasing Sunsets - Paperback

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Chasing Sunsets is a book about a mom who takes her restless children out for an adventure. They drive around trying to find the perfect place to watch the sunset at its peak beauty. Rhyming, fanciful verse will capture kids' attention and become memorable and repeatable forever. With a nod to God as Creator and the One who gives us beauty and fun, it is sure to touch young and old readers alike. The vivid, colorful, action-packed watercolor illustrations will delight all as well.Wild Willow Press exists to provide a special and much-needed niche: children's books that weave spiritual truths into everyday stories and lessons.

About the Author

Kendra Andrus is a homeschooling mother who finds endless inspiration for children's books from her everyday life with her own six children. She writes to solve their problems, answer their questions, and tell the stories of their adventures together. She loves Jesus, teaching, cooking, reading, art, poetry, dancing, and singing. Together, she and her husband manage the loud and feisty-fun chaos that is their daily life in Nashville, TN.

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