Brown Boy You Can Do Anything - Paperback

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Author Louis Roberts, M.Ed. has created "Brown Boy You Can Do Anything" as encouragement for young men of color! You can truly do ANYTHING brown boy! Oftentimes, those of us with atypical talents will go unnoticed and uncelebrated. This book serves as an ode to those who may not be an athlete or musicians. We all deserve support, love, and encouragement, and "Brown Boy You Can Do Anything" is just the conversation starter needed to encourage our young men. Whether you cook, draw, sew, sing, or dance... "Brown Boy You Can Do Anything" was written just for you. If you have a young man in your life, this is the perfect book to teach him how to embrace his gifts and talents. The book is beautifully illustrated by Randy Gray and depicts young brown boys doing a myriad of praise-worthy things. Enjoy reading this together as a family, in school, or give it as a gift to a young brown boy you may know.