About Us!

My name is Christina Douglas-Williams, owner of Be BOMB Book Club. This company was started because of my own personal experience as a mom. My husband, James, and I have a set of beautiful twins, Amara and Amani.

As first time parents to twins, most of our time was spent running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It seemed like there was no end to the day. It was either time to feed, burp, change or put a baby to sleep. It was crazy! While I enjoy being a mother, we had a very rocky start. I soon developed a mild case of postpartum. I needed something to be able to take my mind off of feeding, changing, burping, and everything else that comes along with taking care of newborns. I’d always loved reading but who has time to read with one newborn let alone two? One day as I was nursing the twins, I decided to pick up a book and read out loud. It was my way of being connected while also being able to break away for a few minutes. Can I let you know a little secret? It doesn’t matter what you read to your babies, just read! As great as it is for them, it’s equally as satisfying and beneficial for the parents. The twins are now one and they are the light of our lives!

Be BOMB has great books with wonderful life lessons and beautiful illustrations from authors all over. We are happy you are here to grow with us!

-The Williams Family